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PostSubject: Introduction   Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:17 am

With the stresses of modern life, it's hardly surprising that our sleep is suffering.
The demands of family and careers, and the pressure to achieve perfection in our home, work and social lives, can mean that by the time we head to bed our minds are working overtime.

We eat later, we grab a coffee on the go to get us through the day, and exercise either falls by the wayside or is taken under the harsh strip lights of a gym late in the evening.

Our living environments have also become less conductive to good sleep. Street lights glare in through the windows, the neighbour in the flat below has their TV turned up to the max, and out bedrooms are crammed with all the clutter of our hectic lives.

Th e result? We can't sleep. As the clock ticks by, we start to fret about our lack of sleep and the vicious circle begins. Instead of waking up refreshed and better able to cope with the day, we feel lethargic, bad tempered and stressed out.

In this topic we hope to help anyone who feels less than ideal in the mornings as it will show you how to slip into a peaceful slumber every night. From diet and exercise to creating a bedroom sanctuary: from alternative therapies to creative visualisation we you practical ways to help switch your mind off when it is time for bed.

We even have the low-down on the hidden meaning behind your dreams and how your lifestyle might affect what you dream about.

Take a look at our lifestyle analysis questions to help you identify what might be at the root of your problem then head to the relevant sections to find the solutions that may help.
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