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 Little About Me

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PostSubject: Little About Me   Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:01 am

Okay so if I were to try to write a whole thing about me it could be considered a biography.
My name is Drea.
I've been on this Earth for about 16 years, but been through enough shit for one person to have in a lifetime.
My birthday is the 22nd day of the eleventh month.
In my life I only have my mother and imediate family. No dad. Disowned me as off last Thanksgiving. I reallly don't care.
My family only keeps me around for child support and money. They told me that on my 15th birthday (happy birthday to me)
I HATE sympathy. I don't tell people stuff like that to get pity. I told you so you know me.
While on the pity subject, I am DEAF. I have hearing aids but I choose not to wear them in public unless needed. I dislike the stares I get, they act like I'm some type of new species. UGH!
I have seen death. Had someone die in my arms. Seen an innocent person die in a drive by, to save me. People live and people die. Its the way this world works. Karma is a very wonderful thing to believe in those times.
I have NEVER seen a miracle happen.
I do believe in love at first sight. One of my many flaws.
I'm currently with this guy name Rayne.
You know when you lose your virginity to that one person and you think you'll be together forever? Yupp he's that guy.
He tries to keep me happy most of the time. Threatens to kick any guys ass who hits me or even disrespects me.
Photography and Art are my passion. Point and reason I'm here now.
I'm only a Junior in high school and already have a scholarship from the government to help me get into a college.
I plan on owning my own studio and making a living like that.
And that boys and squirrels is a little about me.
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Little About Me
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